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    Vertical blinds beautifully blend into any modern design. They have become classics of office interior. Now the scope of vertical blinds is much wider: they are so versatile, perfect fit and a minimalist office atmosphere, and in the comfort of your home apartment or country home

    The design of vertical blinds is perfect for rooms where there is no place unnecessary detail. In the closed state such blinds form soft and even lighting with daylight. Vertical blinds save space, visually make the room spacious, and this applies equally to large and small offices.

    Attractive appearance, functionality and reliability of a design allows the blind to use them as a separate element of the decor. You can pick up the blinds in the color and texture of wallpaper or furniture – a rich palette of colors provides unlimited possibilities for the realization of any of your ideas
    Vertical blinds fabric called dream designer, they declared almost every design project and a winner is compiled with thick curtains, tyulyami and curtains. Good fit, and such combinations in the interior of the bedroom, creating soft light and intimate atmosphere. Fabric blinds can also be used to darken the loggias and balconies, to mask undesirable niches and passages used in place of walls and as the doors to open cabinets. Vertical blinds are used even in pictures, creating interesting shadow patterns. These blinds always give the room an elegant look.
    Advantages of tissue blinds:

    1. Wide range of colors.

    2. A variety of textures.

    3. Dust properties.

    4. Ability to select the degree of transparency of the material.

    5. A sense of comfort that brings the vertical blinds in every room.

    Care and maintenance

    These designs are very practical in use. Material of construction for vertical blinds, does not require frequent cleaning or washing, and in case of failure to repair the construction of blinds will not be difficult. If one of the slats out of order, you can always replace a damaged part only, without changing the entire structure. Fabric for vertical blinds has anti-static and anti-dust coating, making shutters of this type do not require any special care. The only thing to remember when choosing fabric vertical blinds, it is impossible to use them in bathrooms, saunas and swimming pool.

    Vertical blinds are made of slats (vertical plate, one component of blinds) with a width of 89 mm or 127 mm. In contrast, horizontal blinds, vertical, more lightweight. Control mechanism fabric vertical blinds for more than a century of their existence has undergone major changes that now make it possible to more effectively manage the flow of light.

    Move the slats can be as from center to edge and from edge to edge. Choosing one or another type of management and fabric for blinds, you need to be clear what function will be required to perform these lightproof structure (to make the room light is soft, diffused, to maximize the shading of the room, etc.)

    Vertical blinds fabric – this is the best solution for creating unique and delicate interior. The advantage of vertical blinds is the fact that they are made individually to fit your windows. Here you can order vertical blinds for the design office, apartment or cottage. Make a reservation by phone or by using a special form on our website. Many years of experience in manufacturing and selling blinds allows us to ensure prompt implementation of any orders.