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    Whatever a luxury was not the situation inside the apartment, no matter how expensive furniture there was only through blinds in the apartment to be paid the same finishing touch, which gives the necessary atmosphere.

    Blinds – Modern (stylish) and functional.

    Blinds – this is another step of modern technology in decorating the windows meet the convenience and functionality. Fabric blinds are not only a wonderful decoration of windows, but also serve a practical purpose, combining the functions of sun blinds and curtains. With their help, you can limit the amount of sunlight entering the room. Gently dispersing the light, giving it a light shade of rollossi2color, fabric blinds make the room a unique atmosphere of coziness and comfort. This is especially true in the bedrooms, where the blinds allow you to create a pleasant shade and a romantic mood. If desired, fabric blinds can be successfully combined with curtains and drapes. The ability to create original designs are practically unlimited, you can realize in practice any of your idea to create the desired interior. No less attractive blinds will look and as an independent element of decor, where you can not use the curtains, for example, in the kitchen, office. Curtains with cute children’s drawings in the nursery will help you put to bed their playful children on time, even in bright summer evenings, when the restless sun is in no hurry to part with nimi.Tkanevye blinds at the same time may not be decorated, but purely functional element, for example, be used to create obscuration when viewing a home theater.

    Various systems (species, options) blinds

    Roller blinds can be different models: with an open system with a cassette system. The latter has special guides that provide a fit blinds to the wing, even when the window is open in the “airing”. The whole system is organized so that the fabric falls evenly, not crushing. rollossi1This ensures that the curtains will always be neat, and the window will look neat and well maintained.
    Our company offers blinds, fabric which can be made of fabrics of different colors and textures. What will be your curtains, depends only on you and your desires. Fabric blinds can pick up any interior – from the avant-garde and to the rigorous classics, from home to office. Each type of tissue in its own way limits the amount of transmitted sunlight, allowing you to independently determine what the light intensity will be in the room with the blinds down. All fabrics are treated with special impregnation, which ensures that colors will not fade and will remain for a long time just as rich as when buying curtains.

    Practicality and ease of care

    Roller blinds are easy to use and care for them there is no difficulty. In the lowered position between the door curtain and the glass windows form additional layer of air, which increases the thermal insulation of the window opening. Through this cloth roller can keep more heat in winter and in summer not only restrict the passage of sunlight, and outdoor heat, keeping the room cool. Blinds – it’s comfort and functionality, pledge of comfort and coziness of your home!