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    Shutters in homes, offices, shops, buildings are a reliable protection against hacking, protect windows from impact with objects, save energy in the room, create comfort and convenience at the expense of added protection from prying eyes, sun, noise and dust.
    Protective shutters hallmark of comfort and modern buildings, built with European standards. They fit into any architectural style, have a wide range of technical solutions.
    Shutter system provides security and maximum security holders at home, ensure tranquility of their families and friends. Comfort, reliability and durability – synonyms for the word “shutters. ”
    Protective shutters can be installed as the new facilities during construction, and the already commissioned the building. Beautiful and respectable appearance of apartment, office or at home emphasized the protective shutters.
    Unlike the old shutters or stationary gratings shutters more aesthetic and modern. They can be raised at any time, and you can freely look at the world without any barriers.
    The main material used to produce shutter system is aluminum. His distinguished: environmental cleanliness, corrosion resistance, UV resistance and weather resistance. Strength characteristics of aluminum alloys perfectly preserved at low temperatures.
    Even after many years of use, protective shutters look like new with reliable polymer coating.
    We offer a wide range of actuators to control the shutter systems: from classical to modern hand-drive motors with a number of additional functions.
    Hand Drive (Recorders, drive) or pruzhinnoinertsionnye drive is optimized for space with several windows, small or medium-sized openings.
    Electric actuators can be equipped with remote control, electronic door locks, devices, group management, timers, sensors and wind, etc.
    Actuator well suited for private houses, offices and buildings with lots of windows.
    One press of a button – and automation will open or close one or more shutters in the room, a separate floor or whole building of your choice.
    You can control the rolling shutters right out of the chair without being distracted from watching TV. Or let the sun illuminate your bedroom in the morning, open the shutters, not getting out of bed. Radio remote control securely and comfortably.
    If necessary, protective shutters can be lowered in strong wind or rain. They will protect your windows from dust and water. Smart sensors will assume control of the weather conditions.
    We can offer you a wide range of roller shutter profiles, can satisfy the most demanding customer. Our product range includes profiles of the roller rolling in height from 37 mm to 77 mm. Customers interested in high-profile, we can offer a range of extruded profiles.
    We are ready to provide detailed information about the technical characteristics of profiles and provide advice in the selection.
    Optimal combination of colors of shutters with the color of the walls, windows and doors, roofs accentuate the character of your building and set it apart from other houses.
    Depending on the type of profile, we can provide you with up to 8 colors rolling systems: the standard white and brown, and gray, beige, silver, wood, red, blue.
    Our company can offer you options for mounting rolling systems that take into account architectural decisions of the facade of your building / home. Boxes protective shutters can be installed directly into the window openings and be mounted on the outer or inner surface of the walls.
    Shutters will protect property and help prevent cracking. In your absence shutters ensure the safety of your home or apartment, will protect the windows of an abandoned stone or other objects. Completely or partially closed shutters to protect from unwanted prying eyes. At night, it creates additional comfort and coziness.
    From the standpoint of fire safety protective shutters – an ideal replacement grids. They quickly opened from the inside, opening an escape route of people and property. With electric shutters can be associated with fire detectors and automatically opens when an alarm is triggered. The actuators can be equipped with an emergency manual opening.
    Shutters also provide excellent teplosberezheniya during cold periods of the year. Correctly placed in front of the window or doorway shutters can reduce heat loss (heat energy) to 50%. Also, thanks to roller shutters sold SkyShot and protection against overheating in summer: step protection against the penetration of light into the room, until the blackout. The room temperature remains normal. Saves the energy needed for ventilation and air conditioning work.
    With the protective shutters your home will be provided with effective soundproofing in the evening or night. Effect may reach 15 dB. Sleep peacefully, even kids in children’s rooms.
    Rollers do not require special care, easy to clean and wash. The systems run smoothly for many years.
    Quality and ecological purity of the raw materials used are confirmed by international certificates.
    We pay special attention to staff to meet the requirements of the customer at all stages: from consultation and design development, including installation, and finishing with guarantee and service.
    We hope that the high quality protective shutters will please you for years.