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    Aluminum railings can decorate the interior cabin, and interior of the most prestigious buildings. They are the origiperila1nal expressions of design ideas, decoration, underlining the architectural style of buildings.

    On the strength of aluminum railings in no way inferior to steel structures, and to ease in many ways surpass them. They are “cozy” feel in any environment: outdoors, indoors, underwater – anodized layer protects the aluminum profile of adverse weather conditions and temperature changes.

    Railing Aluminum competes with other materials, due to a number of advantages:
    – High strength and durability
    – They do not corrode
    – Do not change their color over the life of the
    – Aesthetics
    – Does not require special care
    – A large number of options are
    – The optimal value of the finished product

    Railings, stair railings, fences and railings are made of anodized aluminum profiles. Anodized coating is electroplated and has a thickness of perila2about 18 microns.

    One of the most popular trends in modern design stair railings and platforms – the combination of shiny metal with clear glass (laminated or tempered), which makes the room a feeling of airiness and lightness.

    Railings made of aluminum are not just any decor, but the key to the comfort of its inhabitants. Thanks to the anti-corrosion properties of such railings can be installed in areas with high humidity: a sauna, swimming pool, greenhouses, but also in living rooms, they look quite harmoniously.

    Railings can be not only landings, fences in residential and office buildings are often used for decoration of balconies, viewing platforms, terraces. All these kinds of stair railings have a similar design and the principle of montage. As for design, it depends entirely on the wishes of the master and modern architectural trends, so it can take many unexpected shapes and configurations.

    The basis is railing baluster (vertical pipe), for it uses a complex reinforced aluminum profile 40 mm in diameter, which greatly increases their strength. Handrail pipe used 50×2.5 mm, is used to fill tperila3he railing pipes 16×5 mm (almost – rod). Specific component parts allow you to create various designs of your choice.

    Balusters can be mounted on the stage or the side of the stage. Handrails (horizontal pipe) – on top of the balusters, or with removal of the side. Filling the handrail is metal horizontal strings. Can also be used safety glass or similar material placed between or outside of the balusters.

    There are several ways to mount:
    * In the floor (railings installed on the special anchors, which crashed into the ground);
    * Side of the wall (usually applied during the installation of handrails, or when there is insufficient width of the stairs when the balusters attached to the side staircase.) Deep-anodized aluminum handrails and railings, gives the product a noble shine of silver, gold, bronze, at the same time protect the railings and handrails from corrosion, mechanical damage and chemically-aggressive environments.
    During the operation they are not deformed and do not lose brightness coating, so if used properly, can serve for decades.