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    Are you tired of drafts? Are you tired of the tedious preparations for the annual winter okleivayaokna1 wooden windows? You do not know what the manufacturer eurowindows choose?

    Our company can offer you a window and façade systems REHAU. Window and facade systems REHAU are of high quality, innovation and energy efficiency. Collection of perfect deliveries, services and field presence contributes to the successful cooperation with clients.

    Replacing the old wooden windows, the PVC window company “REHAU”, you will find warmth and comfort of their homes. Processed by experienced processors and turned into high-quality windows, profile systems are technical solutions aimed at the future, durability, thermal insulation and soundproofing, as well as the possibility of a variety of designs and colors that satisfy all your desires. Being engaged in the production, implementation and reprocessing their core systems, REHAU has consistently demonstrated respect for natural resources. In addition the windows of the company profile “REHAU” have an elegant appearance, easy to use and require virtually no maintenance.

    Unlimited design options to meet your individual needs.
    The shape and color of the windows significantly affect the appearance of the building. Windows and doors can be executed in accordance with individual needs, in almost every color decision. As regards the form of execution windowokna2s are limitless imagination.

    To ensure that your windows meet all requirements for an optimal climate in your home, at the order window at the store you can get expert advice manager. Basic glazing systems, which we can offer – it REHAU-Euro-Design 1960, REHAU-Euro-Design 70 and REHAU-Brillant-Design. Now a closer look at them

    REHAU-Euro-Design 60 – a standard solution wiokna3th a system depth of 60 mm. Thanks to a smooth surface and elegant bevel 15 ° such windows decorate any habitation. System REHAU-Euro-Design 60 is made as three-chamber profile system and offers a window solution, where the quality and efficiency are top priorities. Used in the object and private construction.

    REHAU-Euro-Design 70 – effective thermal insulation system with a depth of 70 mm for the administrative and residential buildings. If you invest a lot into his house and would like to see everything, including the smallest details, to comply with your wishes, your choice – REHAU-Euro-Design 70

    REHAU-Brillant-Design – effective thermal insulation system with a depth of 70 mm and 80 mm for the arrangement of gentrification. In this system, connected by improved thermal insulation and a variety of design solutions. Sealing system as in the five-chamber profile depth of 70 mm, and in shestikamernom profile with a depth of 80 mm meets the highest requirements for energy efficiency. Gorny and shiny surface profiles, chamfers or rounded off to the outside of the bead and a sophisticated palette of colors is impressive.