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    Roller blinds are made up of several parts, but the cloth is the main components for roller shutters. It can be made from various materials such as wood, bamboo or tissue. Last is the most common option.

    Fabrics for roller blinds

    Key components for roller blinds – cloth can be natural or synthetic. The main requirement is durability, resistance to light and moisture. Good curtains may have additional features. For example, it can be anti-dust, has resistant to fading, has antibacterial and antistatic properties, creates the effect of heat mirror.

    For the blinds’ creating manufacturers can use natural cotton, nylon, fiberglass and polyester. The leaf can be smooth, velvety or rough. Ornaments, prints, woven pattern can be used as embroidery.

    By translucence blinds are classified as follows:

    1. Transparent – excellent scatter sunlight, usually used as a decorative addition to drapes and curtains.

    2. Dimaut – sunlight is passed partially, with the heat does not pass at all. Suitable for dimming living rooms and offices, greenhouses.

    3. Blackout – impervious to light multilayer fabric. Excellent obscure, used in bedrooms, offices, home theaters, and conference rooms.

    4. Day and night – tissue consisting of transparent and opaque horizontal stripes that alternate with each other. Most often used in living rooms, balconies and verandas.

    When buying, you choose the most suitable option for your space.


    Accessories for roller shutters also play a huge role in the way of control curtains and their cost. According to the principle of adjustment distinguish 3 types of mechanisms: chain, electric, spring.

    The simplest chain. With rope installed on one or other side of the curtain open and close shutters. Spring clip is also very easy to operate. Fixation occurs automatically when the curtain required level.

    Accessories for roller shutters with electric are most expensive. Management is carried out using PU or switch is on the wall. Having a willingness and ability to any blinds can be fitted with an electric motor.