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    Modern shutters – is the abundance of materials and colors, simple and most complex engineering designs and just hor1hor1neprihotlivy type curtains. To date, shutters remain the most popular in its segment, thanks to the relative cheapness and high standards of care for their condition.

    Translated from the French jalousie «jalousie» means the blinds, curtains of parallel plates. Depending on the location and type of plates (lamellae) louvers are vertical, horizontal, roller (roller blinds) and protective (shutters).

    Application and functionality of horizontal blinds.

    Aluminum horizontal blinds are the most common representative among their “cousins”. Horizontal blinds can truly be called classic. They are primarily functional element of the window, as they provide excellent protection from light and prying eyes. Blinds allow you to adjust light output and provide comfort and coolness, even in the most hot and sunny day. With a simple control mechanism slats can be rotated at different angles, which allows you to adjust the lighting in the room.

    Rigid linear forms, formed by narrow blades, suggests the use of their names in the interiors business, which generated at the time the myth of a purely “office” appointment blinds, but the wealth of colors can successfully use them in home décor. In fact, aluminum horizontal blinds have the versatility and practicality, which allows us to emphasize not only the business-like style in the office, but the original interior of the house through a combination of different fabric blinds and vertical blinds. Moreover, through the use of the premises of aluminum horizontal blinds can reduce the power of air conditioning, thus reducing not only their cost, but also the amount of electricity consumed.

    In addition to sun blinds functions successfully serve as decorative elements for interoffice partitions.

    Functional and practical design of horizontal blinds does not prevent the airing of the room, like some other types of blinds. They can be installed between the frames of double windows, which will leave a free sill.

    Horizontal blinds are very easy to clean and operate. Clean them usually with a brush or soft cloth before it is completely closing the blinds.

    Kinds of aluminum horizontal blinds

    hor2Zhalyuzi made from strips of aluminum tape width of 25 or 16 mm, painted in different colors special environmentally friendly paint, resistant to the effects of solar radiation and temperature changes.

    In our collections you can find both monochrome and two-tone aluminum horizontal blinds, carried out under a tree, as well as perforated blinds (for fans of diffused, soft light in the room).

    We are pleased to offer you the aluminum horizontal blinds with wide slats 16 and 25 mm:

    hor21. Aluminum horizontal blinds with slat width of 25 mm are the most common form of blinds. This is a universal element of the interior, which is perfect for any room. A huge range of colors and textures allow you to choose among our collection of precisely those who most successfully fit into your decor.

    2. Aluminum horizontal blinds with wide slats 16 mm 25 mm different from the smaller width of the bands, but most of their thickness. Thickness increases in order to maintain structural rigidity with a smaller width. Otherwise, they differ from the 25 mm only visually. They have a wide range of colors and are designed for the consumer who prefers a more subtle and elegant design.

    The simplicity of design, advanced equipment used in the production of accessories provide the reliability and durability of horizontal blinds manufactured by Master Suite.