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  • Cooperation

    Dear visitors, to cooperate with our company you will be able in the following areas:

    Custom manufactured products.

    Our company can produce for you are finished products: blinds (horizontal and vertical), blinds, security shutters, metal and aluminum windows, doors and railings. If you’re in the city of Melitopol or in Melitopol district and nearby resorts (Kyrylivka, Primorsky Posad, etc.), you can call the master at your home.

    Purchase of finished goods at wholesale (dealer) conditions.

     In this case, we offer on such terms blinds, roller blinds, security shutters. If you are engaged or planning to engage in the sale of these products, we are pleased to offer cooperation with us on good terms dealership. Contact with our managers, you can specify all the conditions (price, terms, conditions of delivery, information services, etc.).

    Purchase of components for blinds and protective shutters.

    In our assortment there are components for horizontal aluminum blinds of V10 (16 and 25 mm), vertical blinds fabric of V34 (89 and 127 mm), as well as for production of protective shutters. Most of the components for the production of blinds – our own production. We have available a large manufacturing base, which produces all plastic and metal parts, rods and cane (for horizontal blinds).