About us

The company "Master-Lux" was established on April 19, 1997 At the moment,  "Master-Lux"  produces and sells various types of blinds, metal and aluminum construction, safety shutters, component parts for blinds, and protective shutters, as well as equipment for the production of blinds. Thanks to the well-coordinated and professional work of the entire team, competent marketing activities, as well as an effective policy of the company's "master suite, occupies a leading position in the Ukrainian market. An important role is played here and a good relationship with our clients, some of which have been with us for over 10 years. We have an extensive dealer network throughout the country. Component parts, we buy both Ukrainian and foreign partners. Since 2007, all products are manufactured under the registered trademark, and since 2009 under the sign for the goods and services "Master-Lux" (Master-Lux).

The production area is located at: ul. Linear, 13A. There are shops for the production above-mentioned products and large storage room, tool shop, glass shop, shop for molding plastic products, paint site, product packaging, quality control department. There is also a grocery store MosTorg, which provides high-quality and fresh produce all the employees and the nearby residential area. On the production we employ over 150 people.

The main showroom "Malahit" located at Ave B. Khmelnitsky, 91. Here are all kinds of blinds that we can offer the buyer as well as windows, doors and protective shutters.

Office is located at: ul. Industrial, 24, of Melitopol

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Managers parts for blinds: 

Коновалов Роман

Варваровский Вадим

Строков Максим
Konovalov Roman


+38 (067) 970-37-39

Skype   romank1621

ICQ    323372065

Varavarovskiy Vadim


+38 (067) 614-04-72

Skype  varvarovskyivadym

ICQ   663814823

Strokov Maksim


+38 (097) 537-77-96

Skype  str0maks

ICQ  459034290

Managers of blinds:

Потешная ИринаКириленко ЕкатеринаЛевченко Ольга

Poteshnaya Irina

Kirilenko Ekaterina

Olga Levchenko

(tender department)

Manager of the protective shutters: 

Мирко Владимир

Mirko Vladimir