Recently, more and more designers and ordinary people prefer blinds over ordinary curtains. This type of curtain not only gives more even illumination and allows air to pass through perfectly but also the price of blinds is more affordable. Because of this, they are popular.

Types of blinds

From French, the word “blinds” is translated as “jealousy”, but in fact, they are light-protective devices, consisting of vertical or horizontal stripes, slats. With their help, you can darken the room, redirect air and heat flows (in the air conditioner) or protect against dust. Before buying blinds, it is advisable to familiarize yourself with their classification and the materials from which they can be made.

All blinds are divided into:

  1. Vertical;
  2. Horizontal;
  3. Roller (rolled) – instead of lamellas, a single piece of canvas;
  4. Protective roller shutters – a continuous sheet of dense material.

For apartments it is better to buy roller blinds or horizontal blinds, roller shutters are used for external windows, and in offices, vertical blinds of this type are preferred.

Materials for the manufacture of blinds

You can buy blinds ready-made or made to order. In the first case, you choose the desired size and color from the available assortment, come home and install it yourself (there is nothing difficult in this matter). In the second case, you will need to contact the manufacturer, choose the material that meets your requirements, the cornice, fasteners, and other components. After completing the order, the wizard will come and install them in the room. Naturally, the price of the second option for blinds will be much higher, but the size and color will fully correspond to the design.

Curtains of this type can be made from:

  1. Plastic. The price directly depends on the quality of the plastic, but they are easy to maintain and keep their shape well.
  2. Fabrics. It is used to make roller blinds, the denser the fabric, the more durable the product.
  3. Metal. They are rare, durable, but susceptible to moisture and sunlight, very noisy.
  4. Wood. Very expensive material, but the best. Such blinds will serve for a long time, will not harm health, and are not afraid of exposure to the sun.

Everyone decides which blinds to buy, the main thing is that the purchased item is pleasing and useful.